Moving on from Quantopian

Note: Many others at Quantopian have been furloughed through no fault of their own. I encourage you to reach out to other Quantopian alumni and help them find the new opportunities that they deserve.

Hi, I’m James! For the past three years I’ve been a site reliability engineer (SRE) at Quantopian, a crowd-sourced quantitative investment startup. Unfortunately, COVID-19 impacted the company’s ability to continue operations and the majority of employees were furloughed on Monday (4/20/2020). Since it is unclear when or if that furlough will end, I have decided to start a job search for a new role at the senior, lead, or engineering manager level.

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Why I'm Not at Taco Tuesday


I love Kubernetes, and it’s easy to tell: I’d never spend so much energy complaining about something I didn’t love! I’ve spent much of the past two years working on it, and have been able to keep using everything I’ve learned about Linux and scientific computing while embracing the new reality of systems having to be distributed from day zero and needing extensible integrations with proprietary vendors.

But as much as I love the project, I won’t be making Taco Tuesday at KubeCon.

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Cooperative Economics for Engineers (DevOpsDays Boston 2019, DevOpsDays Hartford 2019)

This fall, I had the opportunity to present about the labor movement to both DevOpsDays Boston 2019 and DevOpsDays Hartford 2019. My talk is titled Cooperative Economics for Engineers: or, Why You Have More In Common With Pirate Fleets Than With Your Manager, and focuses on historical context to the question of whether tech should unionize. You can find the slides from my presentation here, or watch the recorded version on YouTube.

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